Pink dry wine ILKIN – is very soft and soft wine. It is created by means of short maceration of grape must with skin. Used a red grape variety Madrasa, grown on the vineyards "Marandi Wine Company". It is included in the basic line of ILKIN table wines.

Pink dry wine ILKIN is the golden mean for those who do not want to choose too acidic white wine and too heavy red wine. Hit of the season, especially for Azerbaijan. When the weather is hot in the yard, correctly cooled pink wine will give fresh coolness.

The wine is aged in stainless steel vats. A bouquet of aromas traces a thin train of white and red flowers, notes of tropical fruits - passion fruit, pineapple, and strawberries.

Pink dry wine is suitable for all dishes. It can be used as an aperitif. A glass of rose wine can accompany the meal without interrupting its taste. It goes well with light snacks, light salads, meat dishes, and also as a digestive. With a glass of rose wine you can finish your meal.