GRAPE GRADE: Viognier, Rkatsiteli

White semi-sweet wine YALLI - assemblage of two varieties of white grapes. "Marandi Wine Company" is one of the first in Azerbaijan to produce natural semisweet white wine. Included in the top line of YALLI wines. The peculiarity of this blend is that the Viognier grape variety remains ripe until the end of November. As a result - the peel bursts, the moisture evaporates, the crumb of grapes remains with a high concentration of sugar. In turn, the grape variety of Rkatsiteli, assembled in time, has already been kept for two months by this time. After a mix of two varieties, secondary fermentation occurs.

The wine acquires a clearly expressed amber hue. In the aroma there are notes of honey, white acacia, candied white flowers. Here and there is a natural sweetness without any additive from the outside.

White semi-sweet wine YALLI is very rich, with excellent balance in acidity. Brightly expressed sweetness in taste, but acidity is traced in the aftertaste. Incredible mix of opposite feelings. Perfectly combined with delicious dishes, for example with foie gras, blue cheeses and desserts, such as baklava and shekerbura.